UHP Academy - Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Modern Genocide and Prevention
This is a seminar offered through the University Honors Program Academy.

Course: UHPA 009
Credit: 1 UHPA credit
Time: 6:00-7:00PM
Days: Thursdays
Location: Honors Village Commons Conference Room
Instructors: Isaac Warren and Nick D’Andrea


In Blood Sweat and Tears, daily topics will focus on major themes surrounding and connecting both the internal and external affairs related to Genocide. Each class period will focus on a different genocide, aspect of genocide, or framework in place in order to combat genocidal acts throughout history. We will also study the motivation behind it, the factors that sustain genocide for extended periods, as well as actions that can be taken to prevent genocide.

We will also discuss early political philosophies that laid the foundation for government overall as well as the moral justifications for overthrowing a ruling party. A major part of the class will be discussion based. It is important that students in the course are not only exposed to lectures, but also be able to share their own ideas on the material with their peers and take a coherent stance on one of the many issues surrounding genocide.

The course itself will span across thirteen weeks and meet once a week for an hour at a time.

For more information, contact Aaron Stoller
Workshop Pre-Requisites
There are no pre-requisites for this workshop.
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