UHP Academy - Controversial Topics in Agriculture
This is a seminar offered through the University Honors Program Academy.

Course: UHPA 005
Credit: 1 UHPA credit
Time: 5:00 – 7:00PM
Days: Tuesday (course meets first half of the semester)
Location: TBD
Instructors: Kim Schreiber, Colby Gupton, and Daniel Alvey

In this six week one credit hour course, we will explore the various topics dividing agriculture and its future. Though less than two percent of the country's population works in agricultural production directly, these issues impact everyone's daily lives. In an age where we are facing an ever-growing population, there is an increased struggle to meet the demand for food, fiber, and natural resources, leading agriculturalists to use innovative methods to feed the world. As agriculture advances to meet global demands, the public must become knowledgeable about the industry and formulate educated opinions about where their food comes from. This course will go beyond what is broadcasted through various media networks and allow students to explore both sides of the controversial topics in the agricultural industry through discussions, research and presentations.

For more information contact Aaron Stoller
Workshop Pre-Requisites
There are no pre-requisites for this workshop.
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